Industrial revolution in business software development

DSL Platform is a service which helps you design, build and maintain business applications.

DSL Platform

1Empower developers with advanced tools

  • NoSQL = not only SQL - typesafe flexible schema
  • Rely on object-relational database for data safety
  • Typesafe objects everywhere, with LINQ access to data
  • Describe models with domain specification language
  • Minimize database maintainance with advanced automated database migrations from DSL model
  • Use advanced concepts such as: aggregates, events, value objects, snowflakes, specifications and many moreā€¦

2Focus on the business

  • Consume typesafe code in dynamic languages generated from DSL model
  • Reuse existing server and client infrastructure such as CRUD, reporting, event sourcing, validations, olap queries, cache invalidation, notifications and many more…
  • Let invasive software composition replace boilerplate coding
  • Immerse in business domain instead of code
  • Escape the Object-relational impedance mismatch trap

3Drastically improve communication

  • Iterate fast through human readable DSL
  • Describe problems in client domain with declarative functional specification
  • Evolve your models with more complex scenarios without breaking code
  • Model your API with meaningfull business keywords
  • Stop playing broken telephone between client, analyst and developer
  • Consume same model with same terminology in discussions, database, backend and frontend